Tara Harrison (NYC Singer/Songwriter)

Like a cat, Michele Hamilton's reflexes are sharp. With a never ending smile on her face and a spark in her eye, Michele and the lens she boasts, get down to the nitty gritty.

If it takes her balancing on her head on steep mountain to get a shot that she visualizes in her head, consider it done! Raw talent and a unique eye from this photographer, characteristics that are so profound in her work.

This quiet soul resonates loudly with artful skill and precise angles leaving you with not just memorable photos but a piece of art at its highest quality. Like a true artiste, she embeds a little bit of her heart into each photo.

Dane Vernon (Musician)

Searching for a hard working, ambitious, and passionate Photographer "Michele-Anne Hamilton is definitely the one." From the qualities of her photos to her great personality, she is not short of perfection. She worked with me earlier this year and I must say, I had the most fun I have ever had while taking pictures in my life (I felt so comfortable at all times and she never failed to capture the best shots).. with her creative mind, the sky is definitely her limit.. Happy I worked with her and hope I will be able to do so again soon.. She will always have my full support and have me as a fan..

Sasha Bowie (MUA)

As an Avant-garde makeup artist I am passionate about what I do. In order to capture my deepest concepts I need a

special kind of photographer that understands what I want for the best photo shoot. In the ten years I have been doing

this, I have never met an equally passionate person about executing that job. I had an amazing experience with Michele,

actually an unforgettable one. The photography was beautiful and she is incredibly professional.

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