Preparing For Your Real Estate Photography Shoot

Please read carefully.

  • Clean and tidy up everything: Give your place a good scrub from top to bottom. Dust those shelves, wipe those windows, and make everything sparkle. It's time to make your home shine!
  • Get rid of the clutter: Say goodbye to the excess stuff lying around. Clear out unnecessary items and create a clutter-free zone. Let your home breathe and create a sense of openness.
  • Hide personal items: Take down those embarrassing family photos and keep your personal mementos out of sight. Remember, we want potential buyers to envision themselves living there, so let's keep it neutral and inviting.
  • Style it up: Arrange your furniture and decorations in a way that shows off the best features of each room. Get creative and make it look like it belongs in a magazine. Let's make every corner Instagram-worthy!
  • Clear off those counters: Say goodbye to the toaster, blender, and other countertop appliances. Clear the decks and make those surfaces look clean and spacious. It's time to let your countertops shine!
  • Make those closets look amazing: Buyers love storage space, so organize your closets and storage areas. Tidy them up, declutter, and create a sense of plenty of room for all their stuff. Impress them with your storage game!
  • Give the front a facelift: Spruce up your curb appeal. Mow the lawn, pull those pesky weeds, and add some flowers or plants to give your entrance a warm and welcoming vibe. First impressions matter!
  • Let there be light: Check all your light fixtures and replace any burnt-out bulbs. Open those curtains and blinds to let in natural light and make your home feel bright and inviting. Let the sunshine in!
  • Hide those cords: Nobody wants to see a tangle of wires and cables. Keep them out of sight by tucking them away or using clever cable organizers. Say goodbye to cord chaos!
  • Rearrange or remove furniture: Experiment with the layout of your furniture to make the rooms look their best. If something doesn't fit or feels too crowded, consider removing it temporarily. It's time to play interior designer!
  • Keep it neutral: If you have bright or bold paint colors, consider toning it down with some more neutral shades. You want potential buyers to picture themselves living there, so let's keep it universally appealing.
  • Put away pet stuff: We love our furry friends, but during the photoshoot, it's best to remove their beds, toys, and food bowls. Let's keep it pet-free for now and show off your home's potential.
  • Fix what's broken: Take a stroll through your home and fix any visible repairs or maintenance issues. Loose doorknobs, leaky faucets, and squeaky hinges should be shown the door. We want everything in tip-top shape!
  • Spruce up outdoor spaces: Don't forget about your outdoor areas. Tidy up your patio or deck, add some comfy seating, and make it look like the perfect spot for a summer BBQ. Let's make the great outdoors even greater!
  • Don't forget the Exterior: Park cars away from the front of your home to get the best hero shot!
  • Get the timing right: Coordinate with your photographer to find the best time of day for the photoshoot. Natural lighting can work wonders, so plan accordingly to capture your home's beauty.
  • Keep valuables safe: Before the photoshoot, make sure to stow away any valuable items in a secure place. We want you to feel confident and worry-free during the process.

By following this casual checklist, you'll have your home ready to impress potential buyers with stunning real estate photography!

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