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Terms of Use for Images Provided

Welcome to MichLan Photo! We're thrilled to provide you with exceptional photography services and stunning images. To ensure a clear understanding of how our images can be used, please read and familiarize yourself with these Terms of Use.

1. Ownership and Copyright:
1.1. All images provided by MichLan Photo | Michele-Anne Hamilton are the intellectual property of the Photographer, and copyright is retained by the Photographer.
1.2. Clients are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use images for specific purposes as outlined in our agreements.

2. Usage Rights:
2.1. Usage rights for each image are tailored to your needs and defined in our agreements. These rights include factors like:

  • Type of usage (e.g., print, digital, advertising, editorial)
  • Duration of usage (e.g., one-time use, limited time, perpetual)
  •  Territory of usage (e.g., regional, national, international)

2.2. Usage rights are granted only for the purposes and terms specified in our agreements. Any additional use requires prior written consent and may incur additional fees.

3. Payment for Usage Rights:
3.1. Clients agree to pay for the specific usage rights granted for each image, separate from creation and delivery fees.
3.2. Usage rights fees are based on factors specified in our agreements.

4. Unauthorized Use:
4.1. Unauthorized use of images beyond agreed terms is a copyright violation and may result in legal action and additional fees.

5. Image Attribution:
5.1. Proper attribution, where required by MichLan Photo, should be provided by crediting the Photographer as the image creator.

6. Image Alterations:
6.1. Images may not be altered without prior written consent. Any alterations must be agreed upon in writing and may incur additional fees.

7. Confidentiality:
7.1. Clients agree to treat images as confidential and not share, sell, or distribute them to third parties without written permission.

8. Termination of Usage Rights:
8.1. MichLan Photo reserves the right to terminate granted usage rights in case of a breach of these terms.

9. Dispute Resolution:
9.1. In case of disputes related to usage rights or any other image-related matter, we seek resolution through negotiation and, if necessary, mediation.

10. Acceptance of Terms:
10.1. By using our images, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Use.

We value your trust and business and are committed to providing you with exceptional photography services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Your use of our images indicates your acceptance of these terms.

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