Tiffani Samms (Beach Pregnancy Photo-shoot )

When deciding how I wanted to remember my pregnancy, I only saw it fitting to do a pregnancy photo shoot. My girlfriends came together and contacted Michele to do it for me. Michele and I sat and spoke about ideas and location and I, being a sea creature from birth, thought it best to do this photo shoot at sea. The day of the shoot I gathered my boo, Dan, and my two girl friends, Jodi and Traci, and went out to sea with Michele and her sidekick Dane.

The day could not have been any worse. The weather was terrible. My being pregnant and going out to sea in high waves and wind that could blow anyone over was not at all suitable for a photo shoot. However, we were able to get across to the beach without drowning, and the conditions did not put a damper on Michele's creative process. We had a few ideas in mind and the wind actually made our concept much easier to execute. Being pregnant in a bikini can be very intimidating, but Michele was very professional and with every photo taken, Michele put much consideration into the angles and lighting that would best flatter. We took over 200 photos and I have to say, I was pleased with pretty much all of them! We were able to wrap up the photo shoot within a few short hours and more importantly, I got to see the photos later that evening... Which you can imagine made my day, as I was extremely anxious to see how they came out!

I can’t wait to do another photo shoot with my little bambino when he gets here and Michele will definitely be on the top of my list for this!

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