ISLAND GEMS designed by Jodi Stewart Henriques for Island Bet.

ISLAND GEMS designed by Jodi Stewart Henriques for Island Bet.

Becky Depass (singer/ songwriter)

I've known Michele for many years and the one constant has been my admiration for and belief in her hard work and talent. She has always been able to visualise, and bring to fruition, work which goes beyond my imagination. Working with her for the first time as my photographer a few months ago, she once again showed me that what she holds in her minds eye are images not only developed by her practice but enhanced by her natural talent. I cannot wait for our next photo shoot where I look forward to her once again bringing to life the thousands of words in my mind and music through her images.

Becky Depass "Playing with Fire"
From Concept to Creation.

Consultations are a must for these photos. We will meet & discuss your concepts and ideas. We will work together on selecting the right location, the right props, etc.

  • Perfection Guaranteed Or We’ll Re-Shoot Until We Get “It”! 

  • Imagine paying for a shoot where the photographer shoots for 20 minutes and you hate all of them because your makeup wasn’t just the way you like it, or your hair was out of place, or your smile looked awkward and forced. This happens far too often and I plan to END IT! I guarantee the perfect shot and if you don’t agree, we’ll just shoot again until we both agree that we nailed it! 

Tara Harrison

Like a cat, Michele Hamilton's reflexes are sharp. With a never ending smile on her face and a spark in her eye, Michele and the lens she boasts, get down to the nitty gritty.

If it takes her balancing on her head on steep mountain to get a shot that she visualizes in her head, consider it done! Raw talent and a unique eye from this photographer, characteristics that are so profound in her work.

This quiet soul resonates loudly with artful skill and precise angles leaving you with not just memorable photos but a piece of art at its highest quality. Like a true artiste, she embeds a little bit of her heart into each photo.

Nicholas Murray (Conkarah)

Working with Michele was awesome. She is very creative and she listens to your ideas and your vision. She is very easy to work with and creates a fun, relaxed, and natural atmosphere. 

You can be confident that the final product will be  nothing short of amazing!

Jesse/Mario Saunders (OD Records)

Michele recently did a shoot for us for our upcoming Press Release, Press Kit and Website. We found her service to be professionally handled with high consideration for details. We are thoroughly pleased with the outcome of our photos and look forward to future photo-shoots with MichLan Photo.

D' Empire Management

Special thanks to Michele-Anne Hamilton, who captured the remarkable images used on our Christmas Calendar. Not only is she a great photographer, but also a strong business woman.


Universal Music Group Italy

"It's perfect...don't edit anything"

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